March Madness

The therapy team at Life Care Center of Richland, Washington, was thrilled to hold an NCAA March Madness bracket challenge in March 2017.


The competition was open to all associates and the residents. Everyone was abuzz with excitement as they picked their winners and eagerly watched the games. At the end of it all, John Oberman, physical therapist assistant, took first place; Linda Spence, a short-term resident, won second place; and John Nicacio, director of rehab, took third.


We had gift baskets for the winners. First place won a barbecue basket full of grill tools, kitchen supplies and seasonings. Second place got a gardening basket, and third place got an at-home spa basket.


“I worked in a physical therapist’s office in Kennewick, and we did brackets every year, but I never won!” said Spence, second-place winner. “I know nothing about basketball. I chose who I wanted to see win, like Gonzaga. I was surprised to see myself keep going as the games went on. I didn’t even watch all the games. The physical therapists would give me updates every day.”


Spence gave her gardening basket to her grandson for his third birthday.


The competition brought an air of excitement to the building, even to non-sports fans. We can’t wait to do this again next year.



By Karisa Strankman, community liaison