Oscar Hill

Oscar Hill needed rehabilitation after being in the hospital with sepsis.


He chose to do his recovery at Life Care Center of Richland, Washington, close to home for him. When he arrived on May 16, 2016, he needed assistance with all of his mobility and self-care tasks – everyday things like showering, getting dressed and managing his medicines. The infection had also impacted his thinking and communication skills.


“When I came in, I was in bad shape!” Hill said.


Physical, occupational and speech therapists worked with Hill to improve in all these areas. PTs trained him six days a week on strength, gait and balance, while OTs helped retrain him in his activities of daily living and energy conservation. STs did cognitive-linguistic training with him.


On Aug. 3, Hill returned to his assisted living apartment. He was able to do much of his walking and moving about with only supervision. He could mostly take care of himself, and his cognitive skills and speech had improved significantly.


“The associates became my friends, and I liked them all,” Hill said. “I got to know Maria [Oritiz, occupational therapist], Steven [Saunders, speech therapist] and Heather [McCoy, physical therapist assistant], and they became great companions to me and got me up and going. They pushed me a little bit and helped me get excited about getting better. I’m doing great! I’m up and getting around, enjoying my family.”